Open to anyone who wishes to attend
for more information please call 07538540722

Art Groups/Lessons:

Monday mornings 9.30-12.00 noon at Paston & Gunthorpe Community Centre
Tuesday mornings 9.30-12.00 noon at Langtoft Village Hall
Thursday mornings 9.00-11.30 am at the Methodist Hall, Algitha Road, Skegness

Upcoming Workshops:

Workshops held monthly at Langtoft Village Hall are on Saturdays between 10.00am and 3.30pm at a cost of £25 p.p.

The next full day workshop is to be held on Saturday 23rd November 2019 at Langtoft Village Hall -
the medium to be used in this workshop will be watercolour and the subject to be advised (I sometimes like to retain an element of surprise for my workshops) .
My previous workshops in 2019 were using acrylic paint and included such subjects as:
"Mystery Acrylics" (using pouring mediums) and "Still Life", all of which were very successful workshops.

The above workshop will be the last Langtoft Workshop of 2019.
Dates of Workshops to be held at this venue on Saturdays in 2020 are as follows:

29th February28th March25th April23rd May20th June22nd August26th September24th October and 28th November
These workshops are a great learning experience for new beginners and the more accomplished alike - truly enjoyable for any artist to discover and expand/evolve their inner potential and having fun all at the same time.

(each workshop is dedicated to a specific medium and subject - to be advised before each monthly workshop.  I will also advise of any materials required in advance.  Refreshments, ie tea/coffee/hot chocolate/biscuits and very often homemade cakes/pastries, are provided throughout the day but please bring your own lunch)

We are now enjoying running the occasional day workshop in Skegness, including a successful beginners' acrylic painting workshop, with more to be organised on a regular basis in 2020.

My annual Skegness 2-day Residential Workshop was held on 14th/15th August 2019 at Southview Hotel
This year's workshop was very well attended and a complete success.  We were well looked after, fed and watered by the very helpful staff at Southview Hotel, as always, and some very beautiful drawings and paintings were created by all to take home.  Photos of this event to follow shortly.

Please call/text  07538540722 if you would like to join us on any of the above classes/workshops.  To secure a place on any of the workshops please book early so as not to be disappointed as numbers are limited and these workshops prove popular.

Enhancing your audio/visual learning

My groups and workshops are informal and friendly and the learning experience has now been enhanced by using new audio/visual equipment for my workshops.  This enables us to record and playback my demonstrations for future reference and assistance.  It also encourages opportunities for interaction between myself and students as it promotes more time to grasp the subject matter and finer details (this does not replace my 'hands on' tutoring but adds to it), making it a more positive experience when creating and completing a piece of art to be proud of whilst also building self-confidence.  We are also looking into the possibility of making these workshop demonstrations available on DVD.



I have been attending Glyn's Art for Life classes and workshops for several years. Glyn caters for all abilities and everyone is encouraged and helped to achieve their best. As well as being instructive both classes and workshops are relaxed, extremely friendly and most enjoyable. I would say to anyone who is considering joining an art group to give it a try and, from my experience, I can highly recommend Glyn as a tutor.
Joan Oldfield - Langtoft

Glyn is a"hands on" and very encouraging teacher whether in a class demonstration, one of her many workshops or on a one to one basis. Her suggestions and help is always very positive, and always given freely in a manor that is both illuminating and supportive. She doesn't mind if you disagree with her, but it usually turns out that Glyn's way is best!

Glyn always brings a great deal of material to her classes which she willingly lends and the kernel of her class is a "project" which cover a wide variety of subjects from still life's to portraits or landscapes. If you don't want to do one of these projects then Glyn happily will assist you in a project of your own. Whilst I wont pretend to be an ARTIST, with Glyn's help I am no longer afraid of trees, reflections, people, animals or sun sets, I can mix colour and put brush to paper in oils, acrylics or water colour and often produce a finished painting which looks great on the 'fridge !! and sometimes on the wall. Glyn s classes and work shops are very relaxed and happy occasions, but the emphasis is always on painting or drawing, usually helped by Glyn's home made cakes to go with the coffee. I strongly recommend and commend Glyn as a teacher, as an artist and as a lovely person who knows how to inspire and help you to create ART FOR LIFE.
Ian Burrows


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